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Well hey there! Welcome to “Sa’alouni El Nas” which is named after one of my favorite Fairuz songs and literally translates to “the people asked me” (whether the people asked me to do anything is a whole other question).

Each week, I’m going to try to highlight stories, articles, interviews, and other interesting reads that I’ve come across that have to do with issues and topics that are personal to me. You’ll see a lot on:

  • Lebanon (because I’m Lebanese and it’s always top of mind for me),

  • Stories about the Middle East and North Africa and the diaspora community

  • General music, arts and culture features, and

  • Other dope content that should be shared.

I’m also a DJ on the side, so with all of that I’m also going to highlight some really cool songs and albums that I’ve been vibing to each week. I’ll mainly share content from Middle Eastern and North African artists and Latinx and Hispanic artists (because these days that’s all that I listen to), but I’ll include some other awesome music too.

And each week, you’ll see a guest feature of someone in the community doing incredible work and uplifting us in an admirable way. They’ll also share some of their go-to songs too!

If you ever have any ideas, music, stories, or anything that you think would be great to highlight, always feel free to reach out to me! Also going to shamelessly make a plug to follow me on Twitter if you want to get in touch!

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Danny Hajjar

Danny Hajjar is an avid music lover, he is passionate about hip hop artists in the Middle East and North Africa and the growth of their music beyond the region. He curates music and stories in his weekly newsletter “Sa’alouni El Nas”.